uLesson coding school offers Live Online Coding for Children between the age of 4 - 18 years. We offer a wide range of coding courses for children who are the next generation of builders and inventors with the aim of teaching them creativity, critical thinking & problem solving by building computer apps, games and other fun projects. Children get 1:1 live classes with our professional tutors to cater for the learning preference of each child in Blockly, Scratch, HTML, CSS, Javascript and Python. We also teach concepts in machine learning, artificial intelligence and so much more.

Coding for Children
uLesson coding school offers a wide range of online coding courses for children and teenagers alike. Some of these coding courses includes coding fundamentals, game design, animations, web development, app development, cybersecurity and data science. We have developed these coding courses to teach children to code irrespective of the age and also equip them with core programming skills, creativity, critical thinking, problem solving skills and better academic performance. Our facilitators are industry experts who have been carefully selected. They are not only expectional at coding but also exceptional at teaching children coding. If you are a parent exploring the possibility of teaching your child coding, then uLesson coding school is the place to be. Enrol now

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Learn. Build. Solve Real-World Problems

Online Coding Classes for Children by Expert Teachers

Children can join live one-on-one classes for an individual experience or learn with peers in small groups

(For ages 4-18)

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What Parents Have to Say

Watch testimonials from parents with children already learning coding on uLesson coding school and building apps, websites, and games.

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Why uLesson Coding School

At uLesson Coding School, every lesson is delivered by professionals who make learning fun, engaging and productive for your child.

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Project Based Learning

Children learn by applying knowledge and skills through an engaging experience to build an actual project. Track their progress as they unlock new milestones.

Expert Tutors with a Global Curriculum

We have the best coding tutors at uLesson coding school. Also, our curriculum is built using global Computer Science standards to ensure your child is trained to be globally competitive.

Personalized or Group Learning

Our live coding class offers a unique learning experience for both personalized and group learning.

Certificate of Completion

At the end of the training, your child will receive a certified certificate of completion.

Why should your child learn to code?

Coding is for everyone! Our curriculum has been carefully designed to make coding fun and easy to learn!

Strengthen your child’s creativity

Unlock your child's imagination and ability to innovate by teaching them to design and build something new.

Improve their logical thinking skills

Coding will teach your child to carefully analyse a problem and come up with the best solution.

Enhance their problem solving abilities

Coding helps children learn to understand problems, break them down and provide solutions.

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At uLesson coding school, every lesson is delivered by professionals who make learning fun, engaging and productive for your kid.

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uLesson coding school makes coding fun for children aged 4-18 years. Learn to build apps, games, websites with our expert tutors and equip your child with the skill of the future.


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